Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Covers

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Wear Your Favorite Shoes Under The Rain, In The Mud, Or On The Snow


  • WATERPROOF: One-piece sealing design, the Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Covers and protects your feet and shoes to being wet and being dirty. Great use for this shoe cover is avoiding wet shoes or foot in rainy, slush, or snow days.

  • EASY TO CLEAN/WASHABLE: Easy to clean and Washable, just rinse out and wash or wipe it off directly with a brush or towel. Dirt comes off fast and water can be wiped off very easily.

  • ANTI-SLIP/DURABLE: Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Covers made of 100% premium non-toxic silicone rubber, which ensures durability for use and environmental protection. Shoe cover is also equipped with a particular tread mechanism for preventing sole slipping.

  • ANTI SCRATCH: The Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Covers are made out of advance material that prevents scratch or holes. Keeps your Shoe Cover Scratch Free and leaves no Holes!

  • PORTABLE: This Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Covers is easy to fold, easy to store, small in size and easy to carry. It only needs a small bag, a pocket, and a backpack pocket. It can be easily taken down wherever you go.

  • EASY TO WEAR: Easy wearing methods like wearing socks! The method of dressing is very simple, unfold the shoe cover and make your shoe into it, just like wearing a sock. If the wrinkles become longer, straighten the tip and it will become the perfect silhouette.


  • Small
  • Shoe Cover Length: 20.9cm
  • Shoe Size: 26 - 34


  • Medium
  • Shoe Cover Length: 24.5cm
  • Shoe Size: 35 - 39



  • Large
  • Shoe Cover Length: 29cm
  • Shoe Size: 40 - 44


Package Includes:

1 x Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Covers (1 Pair)

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