Water-Resistant Duffel Bag With Wet Storage Compartment

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The Water-Resistant Duffel Bag With Wet Storage Compartment is an essential bag for everyone who often carries around their gym clothes or wants a perfect travel companion. 

It is constructed out of high-quality materials as it is very durable and ensures long-lasting use. This bag is also waterproof as it is excellent to be used on a rainy day. The versatility of this bag is what makes it great! You can use this bag not just for the gym, but also for long-distance travel or a trip to the beach.


  • Wet and Dry Separation: You can finally put the wet sweaty clothes on the one side and the fresh stuff on the other. Also, you have to never worry about leaked shampoos, creams or makeup again.

Waterproof Material: Material used in the fabric makes this bag waterproof that makes it excellent for using it on a rainy day, or when being on the beach. 
  • Shoe Separation: Great feature for a daily bag that you need. Bring extra shoes that will not put dirt on your clothes! This bag has a shoe separation feature. 

  • Travel Buddy: Not only is this bag is lightweight, but it has also a very large capacity to put a good amount of clothes inside it. You can hang it on the luggage, or just hand-carry it. 

  • Front Zip Pocket: This pocket is perfect for storing your passport, some cards or your phone. Easy access to get anything important from your bag.

Product Specification:

  • Size: 18cm*30cm*39cm
  • Material: Fabric
  • Colors: Tiffany Blue, Black, Grey, Navy, and Dirty Pink

Package Includes:

1 x Water-Resistant Duffel Bag With Wet Storage Compartment

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