Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lids Set

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ūüí¶Keep foods fresh longer, by keeping air out!¬†ūüí¶

Simply place the lid over your food,  lightly press the top of your lid. Create an instant vacuum seal!

Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lids can vacuum seal any bowl, jar cup or can - any size shape or material

helping food last longer than ever! Saves food, time and money with a vacuum seal.

Environmentally friendly, because they're reusable, these food cover lids, help to decrease the amount of waste caused by a plastic wrap in landfills.

These lids are definitely a useful addition to the new wave of green products that have become so popular, in an effort to produce less waste! 


  • Universal Fit-¬†These handy lids will fit any dishes you have,¬†regardless of shape, size or material.¬†
  • Reusable-¬†Easy to clean, these lids are¬†dishwasher safe¬†and perfect for refrigerator and freezer storage.¬†
  • Convenient-¬†Keep these handy¬†silicone stretch¬†lids available for use on glasses, cups and small bowls. They're perfect for¬†replacing lost or misplaced lids¬†


    • Material: plastic + elastic membrane

    Package Included:

    1x Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lids Set (4PCS)

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