Ultra Light Super Absorption Capsule Towel

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This Microfiber Towel can be folded to the size of a mini capsule with twice the absorbing power of a regular towel! 

  • Ultra Lightweight For Maximum Portability! 
Still carry large, heavy towels while traveling? This bathing towel is the size of a compact capsule! Carry a bath towel that can magically shrink to the size of a palm-sized capsule! This is the most portable, lightweight towel in the world! 

  • Twice The Absorbing Power of A Regular Towel!
Still, using regular towels? This Capsule Towel comes with an advanced superior water absorption power! This is designed to soak up all the unwanted water, sweat, anywhere and everywhere you want! This is a perfect companion not just for sports, but in any sweaty moments in life!

  • Ventilated Food-safe Silicone Case
This quick-drying towel comes with a portable food-safe silicone protective case! After each use, simply toss them in the case, the deliberately designed ventilation hole will make sure your towel is safely protected on the go while making sure they are properly dried to prevent bacteria from accumulating!

  • Gentle Breathable Microfibre Materials
The gentle breathable microfiber make sure the towel is comfortably smooth and soft to touch! Perfect fit for sports and exercise, fitness and workout, beach, hiking, cycling, backpacking, etc.


  • Material: 85% polyester, 15% nylon
  • Dimension: 16 “×16″ (40 ×240cm), 12″×36” (30 ×90cm)

  • 1* Ultra-Light Super Absorption Capsule Towel
  • 1* Silicone Case

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