Stainless Steel Retractable Steamer Basket

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Steam, Boil, Wash & Store! 
A Basket That Can Do It All
Stainless Steel Retractable Steamer Basket with rotating handle: the innovative telescoping handle and collapsible basket let you steam everything from veggies to seafood like a professional.

The basket also features a ring in the handle, making it easier and safer to lift from a pot of boiling water.

Evenly distributed holes will help your food get heated better, and drain excess water more effectively. 


  • Safe Food-grade Material
    Constructed from food-grade stainless steel, absolutely safe to ensure not leaking toxic substances into your food, the best choice for your health. 
  • Perfect Fit For Any Pots
    Collapses for compact storage and expands to fit pots and pans of sizes 9 inches / 11 inches, easy to use and take up no room at all. Prepare a meal just in one pot, from vegetables to seafood, egg, crab and much more.
  • Innovative Rotating Handle
    The handle rotates and locks into place to change the shapes and retracts to fit inside your favorite pots or pressure cookers. You can also remove the handle for placing dishes or bowls onto the basket. 

  • Wide Use - Drainer & Boiling Basket
    Apart from washing and draining your food, you can also use it as a boiling basket to keep your food in shape and position while cooking. With high-quality stainless steel, it can withstand high temperatures and facilities safe cooling. 
  • Wide Use - Storing Basket
    Feel free to use it for storing up your snacks, fruits veggies and more! 


1 - Wash before use!
2 - Open the steamer and place raw or frozen vegetables inside.
3 - Close the steamer and place it in a pan or pot with just enough water to fill to where the base of the steamer is above the water level.
4 - Cover for a few minutes, timing is dependent on what you’re cooking, how much, and frozen or raw. Raw thin vegetables will definitely cook faster. Use a fork to check for tenderness.
5 - Use the handle to lift and strain excess water while removing, season, and enjoy.


Materials: High-grade stainless steel
Product Weight: 9inches - 170g; 11inches - 227g
Product Size: 
9inches - Folded: Height 6cm; Width 14cm // Expanded: Width 23cm

11inches - Folded: Height 7cm; Width 18.2cm // Expanded: Width 28cm
Stainless Steel Retractable Steamer Basket x1 (9inches/11inches/9inches+11inches) 

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