Silo Golf Club Carrier

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When your trunk is already packed full of that gold you've been mining, it's hard to fit your entire golf bag also. If you only like to carry a few clubs to the range, this club carrier is ideal for you. If you want an approach carrier to hold your putter and a couple wedges, this is right up your alley.

  •     Fits seamlessly into most golf bags
  •     reduces club chatter
  •     Stands up on its own when three or more clubs are inserted. - Great solution when it's Cart Path Only!

It can hold up to 6 clubs, 3 tees, and one ball marker. Such a simplified product for such a sophisticated person, this product can be used in a variety of ways.


  •     Minimal, compact design
  •     Holds up to 3 tees and 6 clubs
  •     Magnetic Ball Marker

Technically awesome

  • Light as a feather, if a feather weighed 0.4lbs
  • Santoprene and ABS
  • Recommended usage temperature range 40 to 120 F
  • Can be stored from -20 to 180 F
  • Diameter of product = 2.3"
  • Length of product = 5.7"
  • Small magnet warning
Holds securely 6 clubs, ball marker, 3 tees and fits in hand easily

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