ROSALiND PolyGel Nail Extension Kit

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😍Create The Perfect Gel Manicure At Your Own Home With ROSALiND Nail Kit! 💅🏻

💅🏻Quick Dry Instant Glossy Nail! The Polygel Kit lets you achieve the perfect glossy gel manicure at home in the easiest way! The PolyGel dries into the perfect acrylic glossy finish in 2 minutes! 

💅🏻Polishable Nails For Your Own Ideal Length! The PolyGel nails are easily polishable so you can trim and polish them down to the perfect length you want, no matter how long or how short! 

💅🏻Lasting Flawless Finish! The PolyGel set gives you a long-lasting flawless, glossy finish that will last up to two weeks! You can even apply nail dehydrator and primer to further extend their durability! 

💅🏻Essential Expandable Base For All Nail Arts! The PolyGel Kit sets the perfect, smooth base for any kind of nail arts! PolyGel is naturally translucent with a hint of tint. You can just slap the PolyGel on for an effortlessly healthy, natural glow or build your unique patterns on it!  


  1. Squeeze out PolyGel with the size of a pea
  2. Scoop PolyGel
  3. Apply it on the nail mold
  4. Damp the brush with the acrylic solution
  5. Spread out PolyGel evenly
  6. Press down the mold and PolyGel on your nails firmly
  7. Cure your nails under the manicure LED light for 2 minutes 
  8. Take off the mold and polish the edges till the ideal


  • Volume: 30 ml
  • Materials: Premium Food Safe Resin


  • 3* ROSALiND PolyGel
  • 100* Transparent Nail Mold

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