Reusable Super Slime Cleaner

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  • Super Slime Cleaner is a miracle cleaning compound for keyboards, electronics, car vents & crevices
  • It busts dust & battles bacteria
  • Just pinch off a chunk of this magical slime & press it repeatedly into dirty cracks or crevices - then press & lift, press & lift to see Super Slime Cleaner eat up the crumbs & dust before your eyes
  • Place the chunk back in the container & tighten the lid after each of us.
  • Feature:

    • 【High-quality cleaning products 】: cleaning gel, simple and convenient cleaning solution for PC/laptop keyboard and other rugged surface cleaning such as the car vent, camera, printer, cell phone, calculator, Speaker and PC screen.
    • 【Environmental protection material, one-way diaphragm】: Made of biodegradable gel, not sticky to hand, smells sweet with lemon fragrance, totally no stimulation to skin.
  • Super clean: This is a high-tech cleaning gel that is very soft, it penetrates into every corner and is super clean and comprehensive.
  • Non-Toxic and Biodegradable: Made of biodegradable gel, totally no harm to human skin. (Note: it's not edible, please keep it away from children)
  • Easy to use: Just place the cleaning gel on the surface of the keyboard, computer, etc., roll or press slightly and then pull up slowly, the dust would be carried away with the gel.
  • Reusable: Not a disposable item. The cleaning gel can be used for several times till the color turns to dark. Please keep it at a cool dry place after use.
  • 【Extensive use and recycling】: Put it into the bottle for seal preservation after use, and the cleaning gel becomes opaque. It's perfect for home cleaning and office cleaning, which can help you save more time. Can clean the keyboard, mouse, calculator, screen, game controller, fan frame, car vents, bookshelf corners, windows track, clocks, remote controls, etc. But Don't use on clothing.
  • 【Easy to use & Quickly remove dust】: This cleaner could be used for several times till the color turns to dark. When cleaning finished, just put the box at a cool place. (NOTE: don’t wash the gel with water.)

  • Package Includes:
    •  1 X Super Slime Cleaner (70g(With Bag)/ 160g(With box))

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