Retractable Jeans Adjustment Clasps Set

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ūüėćNo more ill-fitting waistlines when you have this jeans clasps set!ūüĒ•

✨ Perfect Fit Without A Belt!✨ Still, troubling over the belt "bulge" or those seriously ill-fitting jeans? This adjustable clasp set provides you with a hook-on convenience to fix those beloved jeans without sewing or belts!! 

✨ Tailor The Waistline to Your Perfect Fitting!✨ Simply some jeans tend to be bigger in a span of time using it. Don't bin them! These clasps set to let you bring your jeans back to life once installed according to your perfect waistline fittings!

✨ Easy Installation!✨ Install these clasps without the whole sewing troubles! These clasps are quick and easy to pin on any fabrics for a quick and easy fix! Our clasps set is made with sturdy, erosion-proof and durable alloy materials!

✨ Versatile Closure Buckle!✨ Simply hook the buckles together and instantly reduce the ill-fitting oversized jeans waistline! Unhook the buckles to return them to their original states. Say goodbye to lousy huge pants/jeans! Install it on the inside of your jeans for an invisible fix if you want!

  • Good for fixing up your broken¬†bra, dresses, skirt, trousers, etc.
  • A simple and secure method of fastening garments together.¬†3 Different colors:¬†a¬†small hook and eye together.

✨Durable Premium Materials! ✨ The hooks and eyes all are made from a premium durable erosion-proof stainless steel alloy. Easy to use and effective fasteners for any sewing project or just a pair of oversized jeans that you love too much to get rid of!


  • Material: stainless steel alloy
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Copper

Package Includes:

  • (1 Set) 1* Retractable Jeans Adjustment Clasps Set

    • 1 Pair* Hook and Eye Buckles
    • 4* Button Nails
    • 4* Button Covers
  • (2 Set) 2* Retractable Jeans Adjustment Clasps Set

    • 2 Pair* Hook and Eye Buckles
    • 8* Button Nails
    • 8* Button Covers
  • (5 Set) 2* Retractable Jeans Adjustment Clasps Set

    • 5 Pair* Hook and Eye Buckles
    • 20* Button Nails
    • 20* Button Covers

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