Queen Velvet Fuzzy Makeup Blending Puff

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ūüėćDitch your regular blending puff because the new generation of Blending Sponge is here! ūü§©

ūüėĪSave up to 50% of your foundations and witness 10x better effect! ūü§©¬†

✨The Velvet Microfiber Evolution!  The Queen Velvet features a thin layer of velvety bristles over the surface of the sponge, effectively induce makeup to your skin in a more smooth and even way while saving more makeup from being absorbed by the puff! 

✨Soft To Skin, Bouncy To Touch! The Queen Velvet Sponge is soft and comfortably bouncy, made perfect for makeup application. The latex-free foam allows you a hypoallergenic sponge experience! 

✨Damp To Blend In Better! Damp your Queen Velvet for a better blending experience! Water keeps your sponge moist to give your makeup look a hydrated glow when applied! Enough water and moisture keep your Queen Velvet full to further reduce the absorption rate of your makeup product! 

✨ PERFECT BLENDING For Any Makeup! Queen Velvet has made it her forte to keep makeup of any consistency perfectly blended into your skin! The microfiber velvet made it possible to induce the makeup closer and more comfortable to your skin!  It is perfect for concealer, primer, foundation, powder, cream, blush, highlighters and more!

✨Witness Your Own Queen Velvet Magic! The Queen Velvet has been the Internet's new favorite! Over 94% of our users have experienced an astonishingly gorgeous result after trying the Queen Velvet for themselves! Join the Queen Velvet bandwagon today!


  • Use it wet: Wet it. Squeeze it. Stipple it. Perfect for liquid foundations, concealers, and contouring.
  • Use it dry: Dip it. Tap it. Pat it. Perfect for powder bronzers, blush, and highlighters.



  • Material:¬†Hydrophilic Polyurethane, Anti-microbial Microfiber
  • Product dimensions: 40*60mm


  • 3*¬†Queen Velvet Fuzzy Makeup Blending Puff

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