PureComfort Haltered Bra Towel

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ūüė欆This¬†Towel Bra Saves you¬†from¬†Dreaded Under Boob Sweat!¬†ūüėć
Our PureComfort Haltered Towel curates the perfect blend of comfort and moisture-wicking through our blend of pure comfort cotton and polyester elements.
The Towel holds your boobs up so you can skip the sweat. Basically, it's a hammock for your boobs. People are losing their minds over this quirky product, and for a good reason. Let's just say that you've never seen anything like this before.
We've almost all been there before. You get out of the shower, throw on a shirt, and instantly your under-boob starts to stick to your skin. Well, not anymore! With the slogan "Keep 'em high. Keep 'em dry," the Towel holds your boobs up so they don't stick in the summer heat. The towel-like fabric slips over one boob, around your neck like a halter top, and over the other. It's genius, really.
Each Ta Ta Towel is double-sided and comes with an adjustable strap on the back of the neck, so you can personalize your boob holder.  The product is branded as loungewear and meant to be worn on its own, although, of course, you could also slip a shirt on over the Ta Ta Towel.
All jokes aside, this product is actually pretty genius. Whether you're just looking to escape the dreaded boob sweat or you're nursing, this is actually pretty practical, especially in the summer.

  • ¬†Holds your Girls Up

  • ¬†Keep You Dry when it's hot out

  • ¬†Fits Cup C to H

  • ¬†Keeping Your Boob in Check

  • ¬†No Under-Boob Sweat

  • ¬†Hang Around while wearing it

  • ¬†The comfiest¬†hammock-like holster for your tatas

  • Perfect for¬†breastfeeding moms¬†- prevents any and all breast milk leakage

  • ¬†Found to¬†minimize excess chest sweat and leakage by 74%¬†on average - say goodbye to chronic chest sweat!
  • ¬†Simply goes around your neck, easily, comfortably, and hassle-free

Package Included:

1x PureComfort Haltered Bra Towel

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