ProPeeler Fresh Corn Stripper

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 No More Tiring and Messy Stripping of  Corn Cobs! 
 This Stainless Fresh Corn Stripper Quickly Adds Corn on your Meal! 

Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Made of hard-wearing stainless steel, this corn peeler is corrosion proof, sturdy and durable.

Sharp Blade

  • This cob stripper is composed of the serrated thick blade making it incredibly sharp to zip corn kernels cleanly and effortlessly off the cob.

Efficient & Time-Saver

  • Perfectly contoured cob peeler saves you time and effort in the kitchen, efficiently removing many rows at once.

Non-Slip Handle

  • Corn thresher has a smooth handle that makes for a nice grip. Easily strip corn of kernels in one twisting or pushing motion.

Comfortable Design

  • Clinically safer than using a knife, this peeler’s sharp teeth cut between kernels and cobs and can remove three rows at a time.

Easy to Clean

  • No need to use steel wire, this cob cutter is very easy to wash with just a rinse of water.

Increase vitamins and minerals in your diet without resorting to canned goods.


Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 18 x 6.5 cm
Color: Silver
Weight: 93 g


  • 1 X ProPeeler Fresh Corn Stripper

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