PROChef Instant 3-Channel Sharpener

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Ever wonder how sharp is the sharpest knife in the world? Find out for yourself after using the PROChef 3-Channel Sharpener! 

The PROFChef instant sharper is created with a 3 phase sharpening effect to polish the sharpness of your blades to perfection
  • Unique ceramic protective layer - Our tri-channel knife sharpener features a diamond-level hard material to sharpen any regular dull blades, a fortified tungsten steel to further polish the rough blade surfaces and a ceramic protective layer helps get rid of any rough ends of all knives! 

  • Fast Precision Sharpening - PROChef's sharpener lets you sharpen your knives in just a few swipes. The smooth V-shaped sharpening space enables an error-free precision sharpening process!  

  • Ergonomic Grip Design - Our sharpener handle is created to give you a stable and comfortable grip as you sharpen your knife. Ergonomic handle design gives you a comfortable touch. Safety is our number one concern in the kitchen, that's why we designed the slip-proof silicone bottom to ensure a hassle-free, safe sharpening experience

  • 3-in-1 Knife Sharpener - Effectively works with all kinds of knives. To sharpen your knives, simply pull through the sharpener several times! The smooth polishing process makes sure your knives are sharp enough to slice through paper and cut through ice blocks effortlessly

  • 100% High Quality - Made of Stainless Steel, Diamond-level steel alloy, tungsten steel, and ceramic layer, this is a high-quality product that will turn your cooking experience to a professional and enjoyable process! 


    • Size: 47*75*205 mm


    • 1* PROChef Instant 3-Channel Sharpener

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