Pro Golf Chipping Net

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Sharpen your skills with the ultimate folding golf chipping net! It will increase your confidence and have your golfing buddies jealous. It has an easy pop-up style with simple storage instruction for ideal indoor or outdoor use.

Features a target to improve your accuracy for the ultimate challenge. Ready to go: Nylon carrying bag included for easy portability from home to office to tailgate! Golf Anywhere, it can fit right in the corner of your office (Great gift for a golfing boss)!

Reinforced Support: Body and Frame reinforced support improve structural integrity

High Visibility: High Visibility target to allow evening practice!

Designed for All Skill Levels: Will Improve the Short Game of everyone who uses it

All-Weather Use: Don't get snowed in! Practice your short game anywhere, no matter the weather outside!

Easy Setup: Takes less than a minute!

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