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Portable Air Conditioner

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Portable Air Conditioner


  • Quick cooling: Simply pour ice water into the tank, turn on your personal air cooler, and this mini portable air conditioner is able to cool the hot air around you in seconds. This evaporative air conditioner releases a stream of clean, cool air, just like the summer breeze. The efficient atomization effect allows you to add essential oil to the water tank to fill the air with aroma, just like a humidifier.
  • Remote control: Different from other evaporative coolers, this portable air cooler allows you to control wind speed and night light even 10m abroad, you no longer need to get up from your bed and manually turn it off, change the fan speed or even change the night light, It's all about convenience, you have remote access to everything.
  • Leakproof: A water spill is a mess, especially when you're busy managing your little one, or worse, you wouldn't want it to happen on your desk full of important documents. The air cooler is waterproof Even if you accidentally drop it, with the atomization generated by the cool breeze, the problem of water dripping around the cooler will no longer exist.
  • Quiet: Work efficiently at low noise, so you can sleep better. With the Quiet Air Cooler, you can also focus on your work better, while that little guy by your side does wonders.
  • Long-lasting per refill: Having to refill the tank every few hours is a tedious task as this portable air conditioner can last at least 12 hours per refill with its 400ml water tank. Keeps your night going with cool breezes and sprinklers that humidify the air around you.


Material: ABS
Color: White
Weight: 1.2 Pounds
Dimensions: 9.29 x 5 x 4.72 inches


1 x Portable Air Conditioner