POPcorn Shock Absorption Soft Cork Insole

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Feel the comfort of walking and running in the clouds for every step you take in any shoes with the POPcorn Insoles! 

👟 The POPcorn Engineered Structure! The POPcorn insoles are engineered with softened energy rebound capsules to absorb the maximum amount of impact from everyday running and walking. The special honeycomb design offers you a soft, bouncy sensation and support in every step that you take! 
👟 PREMIUM E-TPU MATERIAL: The POPcorn is made of hundreds of energy rebound capsules combined together through compression to offer a powerful impact absorption and active support for all users, reducing the shock of your body in every step! 
👟 Ultimate Ankle Heel Support! POPcorn enhanced the impact absorption by increased the thickness at the heel area with a u-shaped concave design for further stabilization, providing a stable and shock-minimizing lasting comfort for users! 
👟Enhanced Rebound Design For Lasting Durability! The POPcorn Insoles have been created with enhanced lasting elasticity! The lasting rebound capsules effectively absorb any shock and rebound to their original form, perfectly prevent them to be worn out of shapes

  • Materials: Premium Shock Absorption ABS Foam
  • Size Available: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

  • (1Pair) 2* POPcorn Shock Absorption Soft Cork Insole

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