MaxGrip Detachable Golf Club Grip Trainer

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Proper hand positioning and grip

Learn the proper finger and hand placement on the golf club and improve your impact. MaxGrip Detachable Golf Club Grip Trainer is a simple yet effective training aid to guide your fingers the proper placements for a secure and more fluid wrist movement during swings. 


  • Proper hand positioning and grip. Suitable for right handed beginners lessons and warm up practices. The MaxGrip Detachable Golf Club Grip Trainer creates muscle memory to maintain the proper hand positioning and grip and improve wrist movements. The curves and outlines provide a visual guide for finger and hand placements.

  • One size fits all hands and clubs. Designed to universally fit all hand sizes and club handles. The 130x 32x27mm sizing allows you to attach and detach and swap between clubs on grips-58, 60, round, and ribbed handles. Perfect for pre-round or any range session. 

  • Improve your distance and accuracy. Proper hand positioning provides a better control on wrist movement. This improves impact and angles of your swing. Getting into proper hand grip takes practice and familiarity. Attaching MaxGrip Detachable Golf Club Grip Trainer to your clubs is the most effective way. 

  • Light and portable essential. Super lightweight and small in size that it takes little space in your bag. You can easily bring it anytime and anywhere for golf practice or a game in the range. Made of rubber materials which ensures a no-slip grip.

Product Specification:

Material: Rubber
Product Size: 130x32x27mm (one size fits all)
Product Weight: 11g

Package Included:

1 x MaxGrip Detachable Golf Club Grip Trainer

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