Master Chef Nylon Whisking Tongs

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Whisks and tongs are kitchen essentials if you love cooking. Question is, why should you spend money on 2 mediocre utensils when you can buy 1 spectacular utensil that gets all the jobs done? 

This ground-breaking 3-in-1 master kitchen utensil is the must-have cooking helper for all my master chefs out there. This is the perfect union between tongs, scoop, and whisk with an easy-lock switch. Stop settling down for the ordinary mediocre utensils and switch to the extraordinary ultimate tool! 

Traditional whisk design makes it difficult to clean the inside of the whisk without deforming the wires. With an openable design, cleaning the inside of the "whisk"  becomes incredibly easy! 

With non-slip ergonomic design, you can fully enjoy your error-free cooking experience. 

Made with heat-resisting and rust-resisting material, this ultimate kitchen tool is your durable and reliable mini kitchen assistant.

These multi-function whisking tongs are your perfect help in any cooking situationPrepare to impress everyone at the table of your party, picnic, barbecue, etc. 


  • Material: premium food-safe nylon

Package includes:

  • 1 x Master Chef Nylon Whisking Tongs

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