Invisible Magnetic Snap Buttons

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Button up in one second? This magnetic snap button makes that possible! 

✨ Snap All Buttons With Just One Second!  Still, buttoning up your shirt one by one? Switch to these magnetic buttons to snap all of them shut at once! The magnets will automatically button-up themselves once placed close to one another, saving you tons of time in the morning! 
Sew It On Or Glue It On?✨ These magnetic buttons are incredibly easy to attach! Feel free to stick it on any garment surfaces using traditional sewing or even just with fabric glue or hot glue
 Wide Applicability  Our magnet snaps are the most versatile fashion accessory available! You may use this for purse, coats, shirts, and even more! Simply sew in onto any garment surface for an easy snap-shut closure!
 Top Quality Premium Materials  Our magnetic snap buttons are made with strong magnets and hypoallergenic nylon surfaces to give you a durable strong magnetic hold with a sensation that's friendly to touch! 


  1. Grab your fabric, material of choice or article of clothing.
  2. Position the fabric or clothing on how you would like it.
  3. Secure the magnetic sphere on the inside and the ring on the outside of the fabric and sew it.
  4. And that’s it! You are ready to go. Easily reposition the snap if needed.

  • Material: magnetic hematite
  • Diameter: 18mm(3/4")
  • Prong length: 1/4 inch

Package includes:
  • (5 Pairs Set) 5 pair* Invisible Magnetic Snap Buttons
  • (10 Pairs Set) 10 pair* Invisible Magnetic Snap Buttons

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