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Insects Repelling Mini Fan

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Insects Repelling Mini Fan
Enjoy Cookouts & Picnics Cleaner, Easier

  • HARMLESS TO PEOPLE: This repellent comes with soft and flexible blades that detect your hand approaching and stop spinning! This means when you're ready to load up your plate - the fan won't get in the way.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: The Insects Repelling Mini Fan has propellers that include holographic discs that scare away the flies! The lights coming out of the blade confuses and scares the flies away.

  • BATTERY OPERATED: Two double A batteries to run the Insects Repelling Mini Fan. Very long-lasting!
  • KEEP IT PEST FREE: Enjoy parties without insects around you! All foods are pest-free and will not go to waste! BBQ cookout parties, enjoy relaxing drinks with friends, go camping, sit by the poolside, or have a simple weekend meal with your family. All free from pests!
  • CHEMICAL FREE: Chemicals are unsafe to use around food and drinks; plus, they can be harmful to children and pets. Insects Repelling Mini Fan is chemical-free so It won't disrupt your meal with strong odors or put your family's health at risk.
Product Specification:
Size: 25cm*9.0cm*9.0cm
Weight: 270g
Package Includes:
1 x Insects Repelling Mini Fan
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