Hard Knuckle Carbon Fiber Gloves

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Size (Palm circumference)

Size M - 19-20cm
Size L - 20-22cm
Size XL - 22-24cm

Protect yourself against abrasions, cuts or blunt force damage on your joints with these touchscreen-compatible Gloves with Carbon Fiber Knuckle.

Perfect for rough handling, tactical sports, and extreme outdoor activities.

Touchscreen sensitive so you don't have to take off your gloves to use your mobiles or iPads.


  • Breathable holes for aeration
  • Knuckle carbon fiber made to protect against impact

  • High-quality microfiber material to enhance toughness and wear resistance
  • Spandex elastic fibers to enhance protection of hand and snug fitting

  • Microfiber cloth on the underside to provide protection for fingers
  • Non-slip embossed suede on the palm side enhancing wear resistance

  • Wipe cotton fabric on thumb area to wipe off sweat
  • Adjustable velcro bands to protect wrists and enhance fitting.

Size (Palm circumference)

Size S - 19-20cm
Size M - 20-22cm
Size L - 22-24cm


Package Included

1x Hard Knuckle Carbon Fiber Gloves


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