GolferPro™ Golf Swing Trainer

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Stop Golfing with Wrong Gesture by using this Ultimate Training Tool for Golfers!

GolferPro™ Golf Swing Trainer is a professional golf practice tool that improves your swing plane, clubface alignment & follow through by setting the correct hinge position at the top of your backs swing. You can easily get an artificial feel of the perfect swing!

It guides you through all of the key positions throughout the golf swing, while preventing muscle strain, & waist / arm injuries from wrong swing gesture. 

  • Correct swing positions by setting correct hinge position at the top of your backswing
  • Attach easily & securely to the shaft of your club
  • Fix Slice & Hook - Correct face alignment throughout your golf swing to reduce problems with slice and hook
  • Improves grip, width & swing arc
  • Corrects start of downswing completion of backswing
  • Create Greater Distance & Enhance Accuracy - By correcting the form in your back swing, it takes less power to send the ball further
  • Perfect Protection to your Wrist - Keep your arms locked and keep you from breaking your wrist
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Suitable for both right & left-handed golfers


  1. At address, Golf Swing Trainer positioned directly on top of shaft, in line with left shoulder.
  2. Take away with shoulder turn and left arm straight, with Golf Swing Trainer positioned on top of shaft.
  3. At the top of the backswing, the Golf Swing Trainer "rest" touches side of forearm.
  4. Start downswing keeping Golf Swing Trainer "rest" against the side of the forearm.
  5. Follow through to three-quarter position, Golf Swing Trainer "rest" meets left forearm as left arm bends.


  • Length: 25cm x 8cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 35g
  • 1 x GolferPro™ Golf Swing Trainer

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