Golf Swing Alignment Training Stick

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Sure-Set Golf Swing Trainer

Golf training? Correct your swinging posture using our Golf Swing Alignment Training Stick. It keeps your shoulders aligned with your hips and feet for better angled swings and hitting targets. Portable, foldable and lightweight to carry around in your golf bag. 


  • Improve your posture and swing. Correct your posture and align your shoulders to your hip during pre-swing setup. It’s a great training aid for learning the basics positions and postures. This 48-inch stick is very easy to set up on the ground and folds in tiers in seconds.

  • Consistent visual aid. Get consistent visual aid which helps create a consistent alignment routine. It’s a creative way to hit your target in a good angled stroke. Our Golf Swing Alignment Training Stick helps posture retention through eye and body coordination.

  • Versatile training tool. Provide the perfect alignment for different ball games including full swing, short game, putting and pre-swing set up. It makes practice and training more productive and safer.

  • Made light and durable for playing. Made from durable nylon and fiberglass and extends up 122cm. It folds in three sections which makes it portable to carry in your golf bag. It has UV coating to prevent it from fading. It also has a safety cap to cover the pointy ends.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: fiberglass, nylon
  • Product dimension: 120 x 78 x 72 inches
  • Weight: 95g (1pc)

Package included:

  • 1 x Golf Swing Alignment Training Stick

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