Glowing Fairy Light Dream Catcher

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✨Wishing for a peaceful night of rest? Let this glowing fairy light dream catcher help create that restful ambiance for your room tonight! 😍

🌈Originated from the 18th Century heritage, the blissful fairy light dream catcher is here to company you to the sweet world of dreams! 🌟

🌟Night Lights Have Never Been More Magical!🌟 With built-in night lights, this glowing dream catcher doubles as a graceful night light to introduce a hint of soft, gentle light to your room in the depth of the night!

💗Wireless Glow For the True Magic!💗 This light-up dream catcher needs absolutely no wires hanging around for it to show its magic! The light is powered by a small battery box! Simply switch on the button to turn on the light! 


❤️Hang it Differently to Change Up The Magic!❤️ There are many ways to hang this amazing little dream catcher! Horizontally or Vertically? Whichever way you hang it, this will add a sweet ambiance to your surroundings! 

🌿Delicate, Hypoallergenic Materials!🌿 This dream catcher is made of natural and delicate materials to give you a beautiful accessory without the falling-off feathers and the agitating allergen

Choose Your Catcher! 

Different colors have different symbolic meanings!

  • Pink: Love and Romance
  • Violet: Confidence and Charm
  • White: Peace and Connection
  • Green: Life and Energy


  • Weight: 0.06KG
  • Dimensions: 55*11CM
  • Color Variance: Pink, Violet, White, Green
  • Power: Build-in Battery


1* Glowing Fairy Light Dream Catcher

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