Galactic Charm Long-wearing Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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You've seen plenty of eyeliners in your life, but I guarantee this is the most smudge-proof eyeliner that will save your day! 
This Galactic Charm Long-wearing Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is magical from in and out! The magically starry pen will literally put the magic in your hand. 
  •  Soft and Precise Brush Tip -  This liquid eyeliner is designed with a precision applicator and super pigmented formula that glides on your eyes smoothly! The gentle brush will set the color on your skin without any pulling and abrasion on your delicate eye area. The precise applicator makes applying extra-intense line or fine, natural look super easy! 


    • Galactic Shine Pen Shell - The shiny starry galaxy is every girl's dream! This beautiful eyeliner will put the entire starry galactic magic in your palm and the magical glide-on eyeliner to your eyes instantly! 

    • Full Force Smudge-proof and Waterproof - The edge-cutting ultra-pigmented formulation will dry within 2 seconds, forming a total smudge and water barrier to prevent falling out during the day! Humid weather? Sweaty face? Oily skin? No problem when this is the eyeliner of your choice! 

    • 72 Hours Stay-on Power - Our internet-breaking formula keeps your eyeliner steady and charming for almost 72 hours! Cinderella's magic stops at 12 but you will last through days

    • Master The Art of Eyeliners - This eyeliner is designed with a hexagonal hold for an effortless slip-proof grip. Applying the sharpest wing look with a steady hand has never been easier! No matter how inexperienced with eyeliner, you'll be able to master the art of eyeliner instantly! 

    • Intense Pigmented and Hypoallergenic Formula - Delivers precise contouring and a flawlessly clean line with this liquid eyeliner to your desire! Made with a hypoallergenic formula, this is the one liquid eyeliner for all skin types!  


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      • 1 x Galactic Charm Long-wearing Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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