Curlerholic Hair Dryer Attachable Curler

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  • AIR TORNADO: The Curlerholic Hair Dryer Attachable Curler uses a whirling wind in a tube. This makes perfect curls and waves for your straight hair. Create fabulous hairstyles with this reasonable yet professional tool! 

  • CUSTOMIZE: Simply spin the ring on the product to control the amount of curl you want. Spin left for thicker, bigger curls and spin right for thinner curls. You can also control the amount of curl by putting less or more hair into the product for styling. 
  • HUGE DIFFERENCE: From your thin straight hair, you can curl and make your hair thick. If you're bored by the looks of your hair, this tool is perfect for you. Get surprisingly good hairstyles without investing in professional styling tools or going to the salon. Try new looks every once in a while! 
  • EASY TO USE: Wash your hair and make it 80% dry afterward. Put an adequate amount of hair into the tube and start styling. After several times of curling, you will have your easy yet invincible hairstyle done! 
  • ATTACHES TO ALL: The dryer fits almost all types of hair dryers, suitable for those whose diameter is from 4.6cm to 6cm. So you can bring it with you anytime and use the available hairdryer around you. Hotel rooms have their own hairdryers, Airbnbs, and motels, just bring the diffuser and you'll be fine.
    Product Specification:
    Air vent Diameter 7.3cm
    Air Vent Length 12.4cm
    Rotary Air Tunnel Base 7cm
    Product Height: 21.5cm
    Product Weight: 224g
    Colors: Black, Purple, Pink, Blue

    Package Includes:
    1 x Curlerholic Hair Dryer Attachable Curler

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