ClipToCart Reusable Trolley Shopping Bag

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Clip, Shop, And Go! 
No More Mess While Grocery Shopping

  • REUSABLE CLIP BAG: Reusable shopping bags that clips to your shopping cart. Convenient for shopping, carrying, and storing. 

  • GOODS SEPARATION: Easily separate different types of goods, from dry to wet. Perfect for 1 stop grocery so your food doesn't get contaminated.
  • MESS FREE: Stay away from groceries being messy at the back of your car. This bag makes sure that your groceries stay in place. Grab the bags and go.

  • EXTRA FRONT POCKETS: Never lost your wallets, cellphones or shopping lists while shoppingas this grocery bag has extra front pockets for small items that you have. You can put your coupons or bills in this pocket so all are in one place.
  • HEAVY LIFTER: Super strong bag, can carry heavy weight groceries. No more worrying if you bought a lot of groceries, this bag can keep up the weight.

  • REMOVABLE RODS/CLIPS: The rods can be removed if you want to use the bag as a simple hand carry without the clips. It is also easier for cleaning.
Package Specification:
Size: 37cm x 28cm x 25cm 
Weight: 152g

Package Includes:
1x ClipToCart Reusable Trolley Shopping Bag

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