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Cat Litter Deodorizer

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Cat Litter Deodorizer


  • Powerful pet odor eliminating features: The newly upgraded 2022 litter box deodorizer adopts the latest ozone deodorization technology to get rid of bad odors, eliminate strong unpleasant odors from the litter for cats, and practice has proven that the deodorization rate can reach 99%. Ions and substances that deodorize and reduce dust to absorb and break down odors. After two days of use, you can clearly notice the smell diminishing or disappearing.
  • Smart infrared sensor design: The litter box deodorizer has a smart sensor function. To avoid scaring the cat, the deodorizer will automatically stop when the cat enters the litter box. When a cat leaves the litter box, the generator releases ozone for about 6 minutes. Start deodorizing, as there is almost no noise during the process, ensuring that your cat is not disturbed. It uses low-concentration ozone, which will not cause the pet's sensitive olfactory feelings.
  • LED lighting function: The cat litter deodorizer is equipped with 12 LED lights, and there are two modes of warm color and glowing light. When detected in a dark environment or in a dimly lit environment during the day, it will stay on for about 20 seconds. The detection distance is about 3 meters, and the detection angle is about 120 degrees. It can be used as a temporary bulb.
  • Diffuser function: our deodorizer contains no perfume and does not irritate your cat's sense of smell. To meet the needs of most families, we are equipped with three unique aromatherapy tablets, the aroma of natural ingredients extracted from opening the back cover of the air freshener and putting the aromatherapy tablets. After deodorization, it emits a natural smell suitable for toilet, kitchen, pet nest, litter box, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and bedroom.
  • Portable USB charging: The cat litter deodorizer adopts a USB charging design, built-in ultra-high capacity lithium battery, power of about 0.5-1W, no power consumption, battery protection. environment and energy saving. Compared with other litter box deodorizers, this litter box deodorizer can provide up to 12 days of use when fully charged, so you don't need to recharge it frequently and you can use it day or night.


Material: Plastic
Color: White
Weight: 5.29 Ounces
Dimensions: 11.81 x 3.23 x 1.65 inches
Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required (Built-in)


1 x Cat Litter Deodorizer