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Car Hot Air Blower

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Winter can be beautiful, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you can’t see out of your windshield while driving. That’s when the hot air blower comes in handy which effectively allows you to defrost your windows quickly so you can get on the road and get to your destination safely.

Whether you’re driving through snow, rain or ice, this car heater helps you remove the condensed water droplets or ice from the main windscreen, side windows and rear windscreen of your vehicle and restores visibility. As a result, it significantly reduces the chances of an accident and improves road safety.


  • Fast heating: It can warm up your car within seconds and works perfectly against fog on your windows as well as on keeping you warm in the winter.
  • Safer driving: not only lets you feel the heat on a winter day but it can also solve the car glass fog efficiently making sure to get in your direction safely.
  • Both heating and cooling: It can quickly clear your car windshield frost by heating the air which lets you enjoy warmth in the cold winter. And it also can be used as a fan to cool your car that allows you to enjoy cool on a hot summer day.
  • Energy efficient: it offers a high-powered air blowing, to heat the air a breeze, no need to wait for your engine to warm up. Saving you time and energy by using your car’s alternator to keep the heater powered instead of gas.


Material: ABS
Size: 15 x 7cm
Cable length: 1.5 Meter
Power: 150W


1 x Car Hot Air Blower with stand

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