BeeSwarm™️ Attractant Spray

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There is a phenomenon called swarming that happens to bees wherein a small part of a colony splits off and finds a new shelter.

For Beekeepers, the swarming season is the best time to expand their bee farms!

That's where the BeeSwarm™️ Attractant Spray comes into the picture!

A Single Spray Is All You Need

Establish new colonies with minimum effort. Simply spray on the entrance of the bait box and watch as bees flock over instantly.

Emits A Strong Attracting Smell

Luring bees with scent is one of the most effective methods of attracting a swarm and increases the chance of choosing your swarm trap as their new home. This contains a scent that mimics bee pheromones which is irresistible to bees.

Long-Lasting Effect

A few sprays to deliver great results and last long after the initial application to ensure a bountiful honey harvest all season-round.

All-Natural Formula

Made up of oils and other natural bee attractants, it's eco-friendly and totally safe for bees and other wildlife.

BeeSwarm™️ Attractant Spray - the ultimate swarm lure to a thriving bee yard.


Ingredients: Natural Extract

Net Content: 100 g

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 pc. BeeSwarm™️ Attractant Spray

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