BEAUClean Automatic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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😍BEAUClean let your clean your brushes and dry them in just 20 seconds!😍

✨ 20-second Cleaning Method! With a 360 Degree high speed rotating motor, BEAUClean can effortlessly clean your makeup brushes absolutely spotless and all you need to do is just to hold your brush steady! It's convenient, safe and hygienic!

🎀 Keep your skin clean and healthy - Cosmetics residue on the makeup brush is an easy cradle for bacterial infections! By cleaning out all residues, dirts, and facial grease, BEAUClean helps you achieve an actual healthy makeup experience, keeping acne and other skin infections at bay!

✨ Three-Step Ultra Cleaning!- BEAUClean cleans out any age-old makeup residues in just three easy steps! Dip, spin to rinse, spin to dry and VIOLA, your brushes are as good as new again! Your brushes are ready for use again in a mere 20 seconds

🎀 One-hand Operable! - Unlike the traditional methods of cleaning makeup brush. BEAUClean lets you clean your brushes with just one hand! Just hold the brush steady and leave the rest for BEAUClean! 

✨ Fits any brush sizes - This makeup brush cleaner comes with 8 different sizes of flexible rubber holders, making sure all your brushes are getting a thorough cleaning experience in the most gentle way possible! The new fixed spindle makes it even more stable for cleaning brushes.


  • Weight: 310G
  • Dimensions: 15*14*11cm
  • Voltage: 1.17W


  • 8* Brush silicone sleeve
  • 1* BEAUClean Automatic Electric Makeup Brush CleanerJar
  • 1* Handle controller
  • 1* Base

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