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Auto And Leather Renovating Paste

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  • EASY TO APPLY: The paste is very easy to apply, just rub a small amount of paste on the sponge and start wiping on your car. 
    • DIFFERENCE MAKER: With its effectiveness, the Car Plastic And Leather Renovating Paste give a huge difference once used. Your dirty/dusty car can turn into a new-looking car!
    • WATER RESISTANT: The paste doesn't wear off even if you wash it with water. It can also protect your Auto parts and Leather from any liquid dirt as it provides a water-resistant effect.
    • WORKS ON GLASS: Car Plastic And Leather Renovating Paste doesn't only work on leather it also caters to glass. Perfect for your car headlights/ tail lights, windshield, rear windows, and side mirrors.
    • WIDESPREAD USE: Not only for leather, the Car Plastic, And Leather Renovating Paste works its wonders with all the interior of your car and even your furniture at home!


    1. Clean the targeted surface properly with water.

    2. Gently scrub the product with a sponge on the targeted surface. 

    3. Clean the remaining products on the surface with water.

    4. Dry the target area with a towel.

    5. Voila, all-new clean Auto parts!


    • Net Volume: 100mL
    • Net Weight: 120g
    • Texture: Cream

    • Car Plastic And Leather Renovating Paste x1 (100mL)
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