8-Mode Watering Nozzle Head

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Product Features:
  • CLEANS DEEP: Even with no motor, the 8 Mode Watering Nozzle Head can still get the job done! With an adjustable nozzle head, it can clean deep dirt on any surface.

  • CANISTER: There is a detachable canister that mixes with the water, in one switch control. You can put, pet shampoo, cleaning liquid soap, and even plant fertilizer!

  • FOAMY RESULTS: Cleaning made easier, with a foamy blasting out from the nozzle head. Even without a motor, it can handle to blast foamy soap solution.
  • 8 NOZZLE MODE: With 8 different nozzle mode, the 8 Mode Watering Nozzle Head can do everything that you need! It has Jet, Straight, Mist, Shower, Angle, Flat, Fan and Faucet mode, all useful for different use.
  • 3 in 1 Control Switch: Using 3 different control easy to use the switch, you can Turn On and Off the Watering Nozzle, you can also Mix the soap from the canister to the water with another switch and you can also use it as for only water option.

Product Specification:
Color: Blue
Size: 40.5cm x 5.5cm x 14cm
Package Includes:
1 x 8 Mode Watering Nozzle Head

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