6 in 1 Outdoor Pocket Tool

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Screwdriver + Wrench + Opener + Ruler all in a Pocket Keychain!

If there's a more handy tool that exists than a ratchet set, I'm all ears. And now you can have the incredible technology of a ratchet set in your pocket attached to your keys.


How it works is, 6 in 1 Outdoor Pocket Tool uses a dynamic ratcheting beam which stays completely rigid when rotating the bit to screw it in, but will flex allowing the tool to rotate around the bit when winding it back up.

The 6 in 1 Outdoor Pocket Tool is perfect when you don't have the proper tools around, or it's also handy when you're working in tiny spaces that require much smaller tools and more precision than a larger tool could handle.

Not only is the 6 in 1 Outdoor Pocket Tool, of course, a tiny ratchet tool, but it also packs in a load of other tools into it, including a flat head screwdriver, a bottle opener, a box opener, a driver, resistant storage bands, a file, wire strippers, and a whole lot more.

The 6 in 1 Outdoor Pocket Tool attaches right to your keys as a key-chain so you'll have access to it wherever you go. It's made from stainless steel, can hold a drill bit right inside of it using its elastic bands, and it measures 2.4 inches long x 0.7 inches wide x 0.2 inches thick.

Full list of the tools within the 6 in 1 Outdoor Pocket Tool:

Flathead screwdriver
Box opener/Score edge
Grip tooth bottle opener
Wire stripper
3/16" + 5 MM HEX
6 MM Hex
Imperial Ruler
Temp/Chem Resistant Storage Bands
7 MM Hex
Keyring loop
5/16" + 8 MM Hex
Metric Ruler
45-degree angle marker
30-degree angle marker
Dynamic ratchet beam
1/4 inch Ratchet Driver
Thumb Rest
1/4 inch static driver

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