5 Pack Reusable Hive Beetle Traps

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  • Beetle Blaster is a plastic device inserted between frames in a hive to trap Small Hive Beetles (SHB) and thereby protect healthy honeybee colonies.
  • It also acts as a very effective sentinel device
  • Designed to fit neatly between outer frames in a hive
  • Each Beetle Blaster can contain about 25ml of vegetable oil which acts as the trapping fluid.
  • The holes in the top of Beetle Blaster are big enough to allow SHBs to enter, but cannot be accessed by honeybees.


  • Keeping bees healthy is essential in controlling SHB. Weak colonies are much more vulnerable.
  • Make sure traps are not completely filled to ensure that trapped SHBs cannot climb out.
  • The traps can be partly filled with apple cider vinegar with a layer of oil floating on top. Apple cider vinegar is a particularly attractive bait.