20pcs Acaricide Bee Mite Strips

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Professional Acaricide Against The Bee Mite

Use and dosage: 

Quick-acting and eradicate mites survival foundation. The strips should remain in the hive for 35 days, but not more than 6 weeks. Small dose and residual less, the real green environmental protection. By the ministry of agriculture NY/T5138-2002 designated as a pollution-free food--allows using in bee feeding  For normally developed and strong bee families: 2 strips


Guarantee period: 4 years  Weight: 40mg/ strip  Size: about 27x8.3cm/ 10.63x3.27"  Quantity: 20 strips in a pack

Package included:

1 pack (20pcs) x mite strip

Product type: Beekeping

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