2 Pack Beehive Water Dispenser

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  • ☀ HIGH QUALITY: The special Water feeder equipment for bees is made of plastic, durable and lightweight, safe, non-toxic and environment friendly, easy to clean, can avoid the death of the bees and prolong their life span.
  • ☀ EASY TO OBSERVE: The bee drinking nest is very easy to observe how much water is remaining and plan accordingly without disturbing your bees.
  • ☀ EASY TO USE: Water feeder equipment for bee special feeding tools, easy to operate. After installation in seconds, and put the bee water entrance device in the right place, so that bees naturally find water to provide more convenience.
  • ☀ WIDE APPLICATION: Beehive entrance feeder for spring build up or summer, beekeeping, bee feeder. This bee entrance feeder could slip water automatically save time and energy for beekeeping farmer.
  • ☀PLEASE NOTE: If you want the water to drip quickly, please do not keep the bottle too tight on the yellow pad. The water drips speed can be controlled by the adjust the tightness effectively.

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