Durable OXALIC Acid 12V Vaporizer VARROA MITE Treatment

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  • Electric heater for the fumigation of beehives with type clamps. Device for the evaporation of drugs inside the hive.
  • The most efficient method of administering Oxalic Acid treatment to bees to fight off the varroa mite.
  • A quick and effective method for treating Varroasis, particularly effective during broodless periods and winter months.
  • Add Oxalic Acid to the cup of the vaporizer. Connect up to a 12V car battery and slip the cup of vaporiser into the centre of the hive through the entrance. Seal the entrance back up.
  • Leave until all the oxalic acid has vaporised (a few minutes) and remove. Leave sealed up for a few more minutes and then remove the foam bung from the entrance.

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